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Build-To-Rent Forum (East) Preliminary Topics



Investor Conviction in BTR: Update on Institutional Activity

March 20, 2024
  • How are you creating investment opportunities in the current market?
  • Are you active at the moment and seeing deal opportunities? What types of deals are you targeting? Keeping the powder dry or ready to allocate?
  • When do you expect to see distress?
  • Which market trends are you following most closely?  Where do you see rents moving?
  • Has the way you analyze risk changed significantly?  How have your return expectations changed?
  • Funds vs. deal-by-deal vs. JV partnerships: what structures make most sense today?
  • Which strategies make most sense for a JV in this environment?  What are you looking for from an operating partner?
  • Which projects/product types/markets are most attractive?  Master planned communities vs.  scattered site portfolios?
  • How have your exit strategies changed in the past year?
  • Are you still seeing much foreign money entering the market?  What are their pain points?
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