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The 9th Annual BUILD-TO-RENT FORUM (EAST) Agenda



Senior Executive Strategies: Adapting to High Rates & Seeking Opportunities

March 20, 2024
Track A
  • Which trends are you focusing on most closely when making strategic decisions in this high rate environment?
  • Where is supply coming from?  Are builders selling off excess inventory?
  • Capital raising and availability of financing
  • What are institutional buyers looking for right now?
  • Are you actively pursuing deals, being highly selective and biding your time or planning exits?
  • Which markets do you think will overperform/underperform in the coming 12-24 months?
  • How are small/new/fringe players adapting to survive in this climate?
  • Where are your team focusing their efforts on cost control and operational efficiencies?
  • How do you see the role of technology and AI changing in the near future?
Kimberly Byrum, Managing Principal - Zonda
Mark Wolf, Founder & CEO - AHV Communities
Darin Rowe, President - Taylor Morrison
Adam Wolfson, CEO/CIO - Wolfson BTR
Jay Byce, SVP & Co-Founder - ResiBuilt
Brent Long, President – Development - Christopher Todd Communities
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