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The 9th Annual BUILD-TO-RENT FORUM (EAST) Agenda



Property Management Strategies: In-house vs. Using a Third Party Manager

March 21, 2024
Track A
  • Purpose built communities vs. scattered lot homes
  • How do services offered and capabilities vary between most in-house teams vs. large national or regional third party managers?
  • Maintenance management
  • Investment and implementation of technology and smart systems: who is responsible?
  • Scaling and fragmentation portfolio: at which point does it make sense to choose a third party over in-house?  Hiring teams in new markets?
  • Owner/manager case studies: examples of when it made sense to manage in-house and when it made sense to use a third party
  • Selecting a third party manager: what do owners look for?
Mike Ballard, Partner - Ascent Multifamily Accounting
Michael Krause, Owner - Atrium Management Company
Jonathan McKenzie, VP of BTR/SFR Management - Willow Bridge Property Company
Doug Dale, EVP - HomeRiver Group
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