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The 9th Annual BUILD-TO-RENT FORUM (EAST) Agenda



Preparing for Distress Coming Down the Pike

March 21, 2024
Track B
  • Where are you seeing most distress in residential real estate today?
  • Will 2024 look like 2010?  Do you seem similar challenges and opportunities?
  • Which market drivers and trends do you watch most closely to indicate distress?
  • Are there any geographical markets in which you see/expect most distressed deal flow?
  • Insurance pain points: pricing, capacity, deductible requirement and liability issues
  • What is your view on current valuations and where do you see these moving?
  • Update on non-performing loans, servicing and foreclosure activity
  • Bank loan sale updates
Andy Zhu, Principal - MFX Ventures
Ray Mazzie, Managing Partner - Southern Waters Capital
Bob Norton, CEO - RealProtect
Bruce McNeilage, Founder & CEO - Kinloch Partners
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