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The 9th Annual BUILD-TO-RENT FORUM (EAST) Agenda



Land Banking's Evolution into a Strategic Play for Builders

March 21, 2024
Track B
  • Supply and demand dynamics for finished lots
  • How can builders and developers make use of land banking to manage land strategy risk?
  • How are land banks typically being funded?  Does this differ by region?
  • Considerations regarding financing and fee structuring
  • Learning from past experiences – what has worked and what has been a bust?
  • Filling land banking arrangements with new vs. previously owned parcels
  • What legal considerations have to be made?
Aimee Martin, Senior Managing Director - GTIS Partners
Andrew Brausa, Managing Director, Investments - Brookfield Properties Development
Jeffrey Lucas, Vice President - JEN Partners
Jay Byce, SVP & Co-Founder - ResiBuilt
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