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The 9th Annual BUILD-TO-RENT FORUM (EAST) Agenda



Assessing Options for Bridge & Flexible Short Term Financing

March 20, 2024
Track B
  • What is demand like for flexible short term financing?
  • Acquiring and stabilizing communities with bridge loans: how bespoke are these agreements?
  • Evaluating the bridge to perm market, cash-outs and refis
  • Term lengths and extension options
  • Lease-up, value-add, lease trade-outs and other strategies: what are you comfortable with?
  • Are ARM products increasing in demand?
  • Update on DSCR financing activity
  • Are credit standards changing?
  • Short term construction lending
  • How are you underwriting these deals today?
Mark Burch, Business Development Manager - Temple View Capital
Daniel Siegel, President - Stonehill CRE
Aidan Mosher, Business Development Regional Manager - Lima One Capital
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