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Troy Mertz

Troy Mertz

President, Moda Homes

Troy Mertz founded Moda Homes and created the Build to Rent platform in 2018 with a single HUD project in Antioch.  Moda homes has developed 3,000 residential lots throughout Chicagoland and currently owns 1,400 BTR pipeline lots and 638 BTR units.  By 2024, Mr. Mertz has grown the Moda Homes BTR assets to $296M with monthly rents that produce nearly $1M in Operating Revenue.  Mr. Mertz committed the start-up capital necessary to dramatically increase the Moda Homes BTR program through organic sales and marketing efforts, which have shaped the business model and created it’s leadership role in the greater Chicago metropolitan market.  Moda has made huge investments in technology, giving it the ability to connect directly with it’s customers, trades, and capital markets.  The Moda Homes team has built efficiency into it’s BTR platform and now delivers economies of scale in an industry that is rapidly growing.  The Moda Homes Connect BTR platform is leading the industry through the new frontier of the Single Family Rental asset class (please feel free to visit to experience our product). 


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