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Jason Sherrill

Jason Sherrill

CEO, Landmark Homes

Jason Sherrill is CEO of Landmark Homes and Partner in Livmark Communities.  

Jason co-founded Landmark Homes in 2005.  Since inception, Landmark has delivered over 2,000 homes in Central and Northern Colorado; in addition, Landmark Sports - a subdivision of Landmark Homes - has built over 300 baseball fields around the country for under privileged youth.  Aside from setting the vision for Landmark, Jason brings site-use planning and product development expertise to the Landmark team; he also drives partner/developer relations. Prior to Landmark, Jason was a partner in a homebuilding/development company and founder of multiple design and construction firms, most recently DesignOne Consultants and SportsOne Development.  Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University. 


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