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Founded in 2012, Seek Now is one of the fastest-growing companies in the property-tech space by enabling a gig-economy workforce for ground-truth data capture and property inspections. Our foundationally innovative mindset and years of experience have propelled us to sustained, accelerated, and profitable growth. Today, with 250 employees and over 1,000 inspection partners nationwide, Seek Now continues to make significant investments in our people and technology to bring innovation and efficiency to multiple property-related industries while maintaining a relentless customer focus. Maestro, our proprietary workforce management and data capture platform, ensures that our national inspector network is optimized in real-time while producing structured data and critical insights for our customers. Our dedicated, certified inspectors are qualified to meet the needs of today’s most discerning property professionals to ensure that every inspection is delivered accurately and consistently. In conjunction with our nationwide workforce, Maestro has enabled us to redefine the future of ground-truth property data capture and to successfully deliver, on average, over 2,000 property inspections per day. Seek Now’s latest innovation, Seeker 360™, combines Maestro with LiDAR capture technology to create a digital twin of a physical environment with an intuitive navigation experience. For property owners/managers, Seeker 360™ delivers immersive property walkthroughs and irrefutable property assessments, embedded condition and damage photos, comprehensive notes, and a precise 2D-floor plan with automated measurements (<2% measurement variance). Seeker 360™ benefits include: ● Nationwide coverage with fast turnaround. ● Complete property lifecycle services from “move in” to “move out.” ● Accelerated turn velocity supported by an ironclad property condition assessment and immersive visual context. ● Enhanced data on household appliances and equipment. ● Data ownership resides with you - access visual data from anywhere, download locally, or host privately. ● No subscription costs or hosting fees. For BTR companies, Seeker 360™ can also help to transform the construction process. Our solution streamlines project planning and collaboration while removing the hours of manual measurements and drawing. Seeker 360™ combines immersive 360-degree tours at every step of the construction process, 2D floor plans and accurate measurements to provide comprehensive property documentation. Seeker 360™ also delivers ready-to-use DWG files to your Architect for review and approval and reduces the delivery time from 5-10 days to less than 48 hours. Seeker 360™ is poised to redefine the SFR & BTR landscape by elevating the depth and precision of essential ground truth data, helping to usher in an era of streamlined and efficient property management.


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