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July 02, 2015

5 things I heart about my Moto 360

Richard James

I was recently working from the ASP office in Las Vegas and thought I'd take advantage of the exchange rate and my love of gadgets and invest in a smart watch...

As my choice of mobile is Android there's quite a few to choose from. My preference was a Moto 360 but all the reviews called it huge, which brings me on to...

The size. It's not nearly as big as the reviews indicated and that's even with my skinny wrists. I saw it want then got my wallet out. It's round. Even with the "flat tire" at the bottom the round screen is just so round. Pointless maybe, but just plain cool? Yes.

The price. I'd always advise against first version of any new technology, but for £180 (with conversion) I thought it was a safe enough bet (the Apple Watch starts at £299 btw and the Moto 360 is now even cheaper in the UK).

Wireless charging. It comes with a dock and wireless charging. Yes, it needs charging every day (it's normally on about 40% when I go to bed) but the wireless dock works a dream and turns into bedside clock instantly.It doesn't try too hard. Most of the actions on the watch are quite passive.

It tells the time, the screen coming on when you lift it up and you can change the watch face at any time from lots of cool designs (Pac Man is the current favourite). You don't really start anything on the phone like writing an email, although you can tap once and "ok Google" pretty much anything including "what's my schedule today" or "how old is Barry Manilow" (I was in Vegas remember)*.

If you start navigation on your phone it continues on the watch - that bit just worked and really impressed me. If you start music on your phone the music controls appear on your watch.

In short, it's not for everyone. It's not going to change your life like the smart phone did. But on the day I forgot to put it on I missed it. I guess I enjoy wearing it as, well, a watch.

* Barry is currently 71 and he's still got it!


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